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Brandjectory provides you the guidance to intelligently prepare for, and efficiently navigate, the capital raise process.

Strategic Education & Knowledgeable Guidance.
The Brandjectory Knowledge Base is a CPG expert guide to building an investable business, getting capital ready, and navigating the capital raise process.

Credible Investor Access.
Brandjectory is a relationship building platform that connects CPG brands and investors to accelerate a brand’s growth trajectory.

Leverage Our Carefully-Designed Platform & Tools.
Brandjectory combines the best of social media, networking platforms, and secure file distribution tools to cultivate meaningful relationships between early stage CPG entrepreneurs and accredited investors focused on the industry.

Make New & Deeper Connections Efficiently.
Brandjectory is not a crowdfunding or transaction system. Transactions occur outside of Brandjectory, and we don’t collect any commission or fees associated with a transaction.

What We Offer


Access objective, well-researched and hard-earned expertise

Our tailored Knowledge Base includes dozens of topics and hundreds of articles encompassing best practices and insights from our team and other experts in the field.

Navigate Fundraising and Investor Meetings Effectively

Set a strong foundation for your business, learn the best ways to prepare for investor meetings and fundraising, and gain confidence on next steps and expectations.


Meet only with investors who have real interest in your industry segment.

Specific industry focus on Consumer Package Goods, FoodTech and AgTech in North America.

All brands have the chance to be discovered by investors.

No selection committee or application process to limit brands from gaining access to the platform.


Easily give investors the information they need to drive engagement with you, without having to repeat the same information to every investor.

Social media sites target consumers, and trade shows target retailers, but Brandjectory’s audience is exclusively investors. Brandjectory’s design is optimized for sharing key information that resonates with investors.

All investors following you receive your updates in real time, giving them important information needed to connect once they’re truly interested, saving everyone time and effort.

Say goodbye to Internet searches or cold email solicitations. Instead, signal investors with a simple “click” to invite them to review your profile and updates.


Spend more time engaging with best-fit investors and having informed discussions that provide true insight into your business and potential.

With Brandjectory’s communication tools, all of your key information – including confidential data you control – is easily integrated into your investor relationships.

Monitor and engage with investors at important decision points to evaluate potential investments with more information.

Brandjectory is not a transaction-based platform, allowing brands and investors to evolve their relationships independent of any investment discussions.

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Access to the Brandjectory Knowledge Base, Fundamentals Level Articles

Access to Brandjectory's Investor-Centric Brand Profile Template

Access to the Brandjectory Brand Founder Community

Access to Selected Webinars, Blogs, Podcasts

Invitations to Selected Brandjectory Events

Best Practice Template: Business Plan Outline

Curated Industry News And Event Notices

Access to the Brandjectory Knowledge Base, Deeper Insights and Curated Intelligence Level Articles

Audit of Brand Profile by Brandjectory Experts

Ability to be Discovered by and Communicate with Investors

Full Usage of Brandjectory's Investor Communication Tools

Full Suite of Best Practice Templates

Easy Investor Access to Request Product Samples

Access to All Webinars, Blogs, Podcasts

Invitations to All Brandjectory Events, including Brand/Investor Meet-Ups

Opportunities to be highlighted in Brandjectory Events, Media Assets and with Brandjectory Media Partners


$179/year - Billed Annually


$379/year - Billed Annually

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Brand FAQs

Brands can quickly set up their basic profile in one page to get started, then circle back to complete more details about their company and products that investors will want to know. Basic profile information includes:

– Founder & company contact information
– Company logo and last 12 months revenue
– General product information like category(ies) and number of SKUs in market
– Current raise status, including amount of capital sought, form, and use of funds, if currently in a raise

Additional profile details include:

– Founder portrait
– Company & founder social media information
– Executive team and advisor team information and experience
– Business summary
– Selling proposition
– Market distribution/traction
– Product portfolio information
– Target consumer profile information
– Current ownership structure and Investors
– 3-year summary overview of revenue, gross margin and EBITDA (current, last year and next year)

Some fields are optional, designated as such on the site.
Investors can see many of the brand profile elements (listed in the answer to the prior question) before connecting, and documents are only visible to an Investor after the Investor is an accepted connection. Upon receipt of a connection request from an Investor, all Investor profile information is visible to a brand for review. Currently Brands cannot see profiles or posts of other Brands.
Founders are encouraged to post about accomplishments in the market, such as achieving sales goals and revenue milestones, securing new account distribution, results from product demos or marketing campaigns, pictures from account or market event participation, adding new key team members, updates on your capital raise progress, and much more! When an Investor follows or is connected to a brand, these updates are automatically posted into the Investor’s newsfeed.
Communication with Investors can occur in four ways:

1. Public posts and comments can be made on your profile home page or in a group in which you are both members.
2. When an Investor visits your profile, they can see your historical posts and comments.
3. When an Investor follows you, they receive your posts in real time in their newsfeed.
4. Instant message chats and video calls are private.

Private and direct communication between Brands and Investors is enabled after both are formally connected.
Brands can Search for Investors that meet their company’s criteria and send them a signal. A signal is a notification with a link to your profile to let the Investor know your profile is available on Brandjectory and that you would like them to check it out. When performing an Investor search for signaling, only the type of Investor is displayed in the search results (angel, family office, VC, etc.). Investors can also discover your brand through their own searches.
Investors must initiate a connection request with you. Once you receive a connection request, you have access to the Investor’s full profile to evaluate their invitation and make your decision. Brands cannot initiate a connection request with an Investor. A lighter level of connection that does not require approval is the option for an Investor to follow a brand. When followed, your posts and comments appear in the follower’s newsfeed in real time. Depending upon the Investor’s privacy settings, its name, company name, and logo may appear in your “Followed by” list on your connections page.
Before an Investor is a connection, an Investor can see your posts, comments and information across your profile about your company, except documents. Once an Investor is a connection, they can access your documents. Additionally, Brands have the option to limit the display of information about financials, capital structure, and raise details to connections only.
When a Brand changes its “current raise status” to “raising,” all Investor connections and followers receive a notification.
Investors must complete an industry standard Investor Self Accreditation Questionnaire upon registering. Click here for an example of this document.
No – actually, there are several important reasons to maintain your Brandjectory profile even after you complete your raise:

1. To continue building your Brand and business story as it evolves and in order to keep future potential Investors appraised of your growth.
2. The private group function on Brandjectory provides a repository and consolidation tool for all communications and file exchanges between Investors and founders. Keeping your profile active enables you to continue to leverage this key functionality.
3. To continue to receive updates from your Investor connections in between raises and stay up-to-date on their businesses.
Only if you are both in the same private group. No information in a brand’s profile is visible to the other Brand user when communicating. Brandjectory’s connect functionality is currently available only between Brands and Investors, or Investors and other fellow Investors. Similarly, Brands cannot follow other users, whether Brands or Investors; only Investors can utilize the follow function.
No. Only your company name and logo is visible to other Brands.
Yes. Investors who are following a Brand are identified on your connections page, by their logo, firm name and contact’s name. Some investors may choose to anonymously follow Brands, in which case these details will be anonymized. Brands are able to review an Investor’s profile details after the Investor invites the Brand to connect.
Brands can Connect with Investors after the Investor invites the brand to Connect. Brands cannot Connect with other Brands, nor can they Follow others.
Yes. There is no company revenue minimum to join Brandjectory. Plus, you can create pre-launch buzz with potential future Investors by building a profile and keeping them updated on your pre-launch progress.
In our expert-authored articles, organized through a CPG lens, you’ll learn: the building blocks of being capital ready, investor expectations, communicating & compatibility with investors, the pitching process, negotiating a transaction, post-deal responsibilities and so much more. The learning is organized by business/investment stages to make it easy to navigate and quickly get what you need, when you need it.

General FAQs

Brandjectory is home to emerging Brand founders, CEOs and general managers in the CPG, Food Technology and Agriculture Technology sectors, and accredited Investors who make or facilitate investments in these sectors. Accredited Investors include angel investors, family offices, investment advisors, venture/limited partner/private equity funds, angel/incubator/accelerator groups, and investment banks.
No, Brandjectory is quite different from other platforms where brands might raise money or investors can find deals for many reasons:
– We focus on building relationships, so brands can join and be on Brandjectory before, during or after a capital raise; on other platforms, brands typically join only when they are raising capital.
– We are truly an open community for brands and qualified investors – while some other platforms first apply their own review of applicant brands before posting their profile or proposed deal on the site, Brandjectory is dedicated to maximizing the reach of all emerging brands in the Natural Products industry.
– Because we do not filter out brands as they join, investors can be sure they will have the widest collection of these brands available anywhere, and all easily navigable given the Brandjectory platform’s powerful search capabilities.
– Because we are relationship focused, brands and investors can interact in real time. Brands can post updates, share documents, post videos, and chat with investors. Other platforms contain static information, and at best, offer the ability for brands to answer direct questions.
– We are focused solely on the Natural Products industry. Other platforms have brands and investors from all segments. This makes it more difficult for the right brands and investors to find each other.
– We are an affordable subscription service. Other platforms take a significant percentage of a raise (often 6% or more) and/or charge a hefty upfront fee for the brand to place a deal or for investors to have access.
– We do not handle the transactional elements of a raise. Brands and investors can take their negotiations off-line to work on the parameters of a deal.
– By charging just a subscription fee, Brandjectory seeks to attract only truly serious Natural Products brands and investors. This deters underdeveloped brands or insufficiently capitalized investors from joining Brandjectory, minimizing the ‘noise’ on the platform.
– Unlike other social media platforms or the brands’ own websites, Brandjectory is exclusively investor focused, not consumer focused. Founders tell their story and provide information about their companies directly to investors, meaning they both provide information that would normally not be shared in these other venues, and message this information in ways that are most meaningful for investors.
All profile-building functions are accessible at no cost. Being visible to other users on the platform, posting updates, sharing information with others, performing searches, and more requires a paid subscription.
Once active with a paid subscription, all features of the site (based on your user type) are enabled: post updates and build your story, comment on and like others’ posts, discover and search for users, follow and connect with others, communicate via instant message or video call, create or join groups, share documents, and more.
Introductory subscription rates are $39/mo. per user for Brands, $59/mo. per user for Investors. Since Brandjectory is about relationship building between people, accounts are person-based rather than by company. Currently multiple people can’t link themselves to the same company, but this is on our development roadmap. Users have the option to subscribe month-to-month or annually. Annual subscriptions are discounted by 25% (i.e. pay in advance for 9 months and get 3 months free).
Brandjectory does not conduct, support or facilitate financial transactions. Brandjectory exists to build relationships between Brands and Investors that can potentially lead to a transaction. Brands and Investors conduct any and all transaction activities outside of the site.
Users can flag inappropriate content, which is promptly reviewed by our team. To express other concerns or share any feedback, send a message from your account to our community manager, Brandy J, write us at Support@Brandjectory.com, or utilize the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of each page.
PDF, Microsoft Office, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Image, and Video file formats are all permitted. Links to documents on the web or shared drives also work. When uploading a file, individual file size is limited to 25MB. Total file storage limit per user is 100MB before subscribing, 2GB after subscribing.
Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. Your access continues until the current subscription period ends. If a subscription expires without renewal, the profile is converted back to a free user status: the profile can be edited, but is not visible to others, and all site functions, including communication, posting, sharing and interaction with other are disabled.
Deleting your account will remove your profile, posted content, comments, and communications from the system. However, Brandjectory will maintain an archived copy of your profile content for legal purposes.