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Take the anxiety and inefficiency out of getting yourself ‘investor ready’.
Brandjectory helps CPG brands make the most of every investor interaction.

The Knowledge Base enables founders to grow intelligently,
setting you up for raising capital successfully.

  • Master the building blocks of being capital ready
  • Understand investor expectations
  • Communicate effectively with investors
  • Assess your investor compatibility
  • Negotiate a transaction successfully
  • Prepare for Post-deal responsibilities
Sample of Expert Learning found inside The Knowledge Base

Brandjectory Platform + The Knowledge Base: A Powerful Combination that Provides a Dynamic Investor-Centric Profile,
On-Demand Learning, 200+ Best Practices & Insightful Articles, and CPG Subject Matter Expertise.

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Inside You’ll Find

We break it down into easy to understand pieces and practical guides, like how to build a Pro-Forma, the details of a Term Sheet, and more.

Hundreds of expert articles across dozens of topics spanning preparation, navigating the fundraising process, and keeping the momentum after a deal.

No need to figure everything out from scratch – rely on our expertise and experience!

With a combined 100+ years of experience in CPG, you’ll learn everything you need to know through our unique lens.

We know that young brands want to make the most of every investor meeting. Each interaction should be efficient and valuable to both parties, and you want to feel more than prepared: You want to have the knowledge you need and know how to effectively use it.

The Brandjectory Knowledge Base means you don’t have to try to interpret the tech industry’s version of fundraising topics for CPG any longer.

The Knowledge Base includes dozens of topics, such as:

  • Setting a strong foundation for your CPG business
  • Learning the precise ways to prepare for investor meetings
  • Navigating fundraising from crafting a valuable pitch to efficiently managing the investment deal, and knowing what to expect next

Plus, we’ve organized these topics logically (or you can use the search function), to easily find what you are looking for at your current stage of business, and as you grow.

  • A Foundation article: get the basic facts and learn where to start
  • A Deeper Insights article: learn the dynamics, nuances, recommendations and common pitfalls
  • Curated Intelligence: Additional insights from our respected partners and other outside experts

The Brandjectory team is continually expanding the Knowledge Base with more articles that delve deeper into important knowledge, issues and skills.

  • Holistic: Provides both founder and investor perspectives
  • Credible Expert Access: harnesses our decades of expertise, plus viewpoints of other key participants from around the industry
  • Focused: specific to CPG to provide the most relevant guidance and education
  • Comprehensive: covers the full suite of relevant topics
  • User-friendly: access all content in one place, clearly organized by business and investment stages to make it easy to navigate
  • Effective: not just reference, but enables better decisions and actions
  • Foundational: The Knowledge Base can help improve execution of near-term activities to enable achievement of longer-term goals
  • Integrated: While the Knowledge Base is powerful in its own right, it’s also designed to work in concert with other Brandjectory platform components to produce meaningful synergies

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Take the first step now by leveraging the Knowledge Base and Business Profile Fundamentals via the Basic Plan so you can begin your fundraising journey with a strong foundation to be INVESTOR READY.

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Want to elevate your preparation and visibility so you can actively promote to investors? Premium Plan users can immediately access all content levels and have the opportunity to connect with investors on our efficient networking platform.

No matter which plan you choose, Brandjectory will save you time and money on your capital raise journey. The choice is yours!

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Meet the Brandjectory & Knowledge Base Team

About the Founders

Brandjectory is driven by a trio of industry leaders and consultants in investment, business development and strategy with a combined 100+ years of industry/relevant experience


Jeff Grogg


Michael Movitz


Tom Malengo & Susan Bryenton

Meet Our Guest Experts

The Knowledge Base includes insights from respected colleagues from across the CPG industry, including but not limited to:

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