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Whether you’re an early-stage CPG founder who needs funding but doesn’t know where to start, a CPG founder who started the capital raise process but isn’t satisfied with progress, or a well-prepared CPG entrepreneur who needs access to more qualified investors, we hear you.

Brandjectory combines the Knowledge Baseour comprehensive, consolidated resource on the capital raise process – with our proprietary brand-investor-connection technology platform to take the anxiety and inefficiency out of getting investor-ready, and expose you directly to investors looking for quality CPG businesses.

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Expert Guidance

Relevant Investor Access

Dynamic, Real-Time Communication

Efficiency and Streamlining

A Network That Works for You

Efficiently Find Brands that Meet Your Investment Criteria

Discover investor-ready brands

Get deeper access to brands through our platform and events

Receive dynamic, real-time brand updates

Benefit from automation and efficiency

Build a tailored/customized pipeline

Collaborate with the investor community

What Brands and Investors Love About Brandjectory

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“Brandjectory allows founders to run their business while still exposing them to investors who can follow how a brand is doing as well as reach out to ask questions or request information. I wish it existed seven years ago when I first started my company.”

Erica Boll

The Toasted Oat

“You might find yourself wondering how something like this didn’t exist before.”

David Winter

The Angel Group

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Meet the Brandjectory Founders

Brandjectory is driven by a trio of industry leaders and consultants in investment, business development and strategy with a combined 100+ years of industry/relevant experience.

Jeff Grogg, JPG

Michael Movitz, The Movitz Group

Tom Malengo & Susan Bryenton, The Litchfield Fund

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