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Brandjectory helps early stage CPG brands and investors build meaningful relationships.

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Quickly Find Emerging Brands That Meet Your Criteria.

Discover new and interesting brands

Easily search an unscreened universe of options
Begin following brands confidentially and early

Connect and build direct relationships

Guide brands to investment readiness
Build trust and relationships with founders

Formalize relationships

Negotiate on your terms
Build investor collaboration teams

Stay active and engaged

Easily offer insight to best-fit founders & their brands
Monitor and engage with brands at key decision points

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“Brandjectory allows founders to run their business while still exposing them to investors who can follow how a brand is doing as well as reach out to ask questions or request information. I wish it existed seven years ago when I first started my company.”

Erica Boll

The Toasted Oat

“You might find yourself wondering how something like this didn’t exist before.”

David Winter

The Angel Group

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